Friday, February 02, 2007

What I did this morning...

An email was sent out from my friend Sharon, letting everyone know about a radio contest that was happening this morning. It was 4 tickets to a show, 4 dinners at a nice restaurant, meeting a singer and the limo ride for the night.

We are already going to the show, my dad is treating me and Princess, because I thought she would like to go. It is right up her alley.

This morning, if you were the 94th caller, you would win the tickets, and we would give away the other ones. So, I let hubby know to call from work, I called from here and my mom called from her place. I got through on #79, my mom got through on #53 and Pete got through 3 times...I wonder if a cell phone is better for this stuff? He was numbers 21, 89 and 93.

He called me right after the winner got through and he seemed excited...he told me he couldn't believe he was 93 doh...

Oh well, it was fun, what a way to wake up!! But I can still win prizes from the station, cause I didn't win this can only win every 30 days...there is a bright side!

Anyhow, we are heading out downtown today, gotta pick up a birthday present for Princess to take tomorrow, to her friends party. I think we will head to the children's museum while we are down there for a few hours, maybe pack a lunch. So, I may be able to check in sometime later today, or not...

If not, have a great one and I will be back here tomorrow, possibly.


  1. I have never won anything from a radio contest! some of the prizes sure sound fun!