Thursday, March 08, 2007

Full of Favour Friday

We have had so many blessings this week.

Pete finally got that time off work, so now we get to go away for our anniversary. First time we have gone away without kids, for a weekend, on we are definately looking forward to getting away.

On Tuesday, Pete stopped at the bank and withdrew $40. When he got home he couldn't find it anywhere and we just figured it was going to be a loss. When we got home from my mom's, we saw a bag at the front door. Our older neighbour is always bringing food over for the dog. We don't always feed it to him, but it is a nice gesture and we smile and are thankful for her. Anyhow, she had brought a bag of food over while we were out and when we got home she called Pete over to her house. Off he went and she told him that she had found a $20 bill on the porch and wanted to return it!! I am thankful for great neighbours.

Then, on Thursday Mr. Hockey took the dog out for a walk and when he came in he was laughing. He says...'Mom, look what I found on the end of the driveway!' and he had the other $20 in his hand!!

I am thankful for the great friends I have. They are such blessings to me and love me unconditionally...what more could anyone ask for?

We did our taxes the other night and I am thankful that this year, even "I" am getting money back. I am a stay at home mom, but I worked with the census this past year. It is only the second T4 I have had in almost 12 years of marriage!! It felt weird!! I am also thankful that Pete is getting back enough to almost, fully pay off all our debts. Then we will be debt-free again!!

I am also grateful that we have some dr's appointments, that we get to go to next week. Sounds odd? We are taking one of my kids to do some extra testing for different things. I thought maybe we would have to wait a while to get in to see anyone, but they are all next week. Then we are going to get more referrals and I am hoping those appointments come quickly too. We are believing that everything is going to come back fine, and that the dr's we are going to have will be understanding and all around nice. They will be ok with the fact that we are a family of Christian, non-immunizing, homeschoolers and that they work with us and not against us.

Last but not least, I am so happy that we have gotten out of our overdraft in the bank account. We have literally been living in it for 6-7 years now and our first step to becoming debt free and having more than enough, was to get out of it. Just by living on a budget and sticking with it, we now have our own cushion in the bank to fall back on and it won't cost us a dime in interest!! So, that is my last thing for today...

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. I love your thankful posts!

    I am thankful that this weekend (in fact, in just a few hours) I'll be heading off for an anniversary getaway with my husband! Yay!