Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mom Idol

Ok, I did it...

I entered Mom Idol. You can all check out my song, or my attempt to sing. Make sure to check out the contest page, you still have time to enter!! I did this for fun and you can too!!


  1. You are brave! Very cool. I only have 3 days if I wanna try. I guess I'd better hurry.

  2. Yay! Beautiful! You picked a great song. I'm so glad you entered!

  3. that is one of my favorite songs, we sang it in grade 10 choir in a musical festival and won! that was really great! if I had a mic on my computer I would totally do that too! way to go!!!

  4. Now you know I'll be handing you the mic next time the entire worship team decides to go on vacation all at the same time!!!


    I don't have the guts to do this on my blog - I reserve it for the live version for all my closest friends!!!!

  5. Wow Ruth! I guess I have never heard you sing, sounds wonderful.