Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I have been waiting for almost 2 whole months for a parcel to finally get to my house. I knew it would take a while, because it was coming from the states, but still...

I would watch out my window and door, whenever the dog barked, I would run to see if there was a mailtruck outside...

There never was.

One day the truck came down the street and I was so excited. It stopped at our neighbours house and didn't come to ours. The disappointment I felt was overwhelming.

All for a package.

Today, the mail truck actually stopped in front of our house. I got up from the computer (everyone gasp now!!) and headed to the door. Surely he was bringing the long awaited package. I had Mr. Hockey hold the dog down so he wouldn't attack the wonderful parcel deliveryman.

Then, I couldn't believe my eyes, then he walked back to his truck. So many things started running through my head. Maybe he didn't realize he needed a package instead of the letter he had in his hand, maybe he forgot the paper I had to sign, maybe....

He never came back. He got in his truck and drove to the house 2 doors down from mine and delivered something there instead of to my house.

I was devastated.

We had to babysit this afternoon, so we were out of the house for 3 whole hours.

Upon arriving home, there were 2 stickers on the door. One from Usborne (Amanda they are in already!!) and the other from Canada Post.

The guy came back...now I have to walk downtown tomorrow, with all the kids, just to get my package.

What is it? Are you wondering? I ordered some really cool, fun homeschool stuff to do with the kids. We really have missed out on our unit studies and decided that we were going to finish the year that way. So, I ordered THIS and THIS and an extra one of THIS.

Can you see why I have been so impatient???

A wise man once said 'how you wait determines how long you wait'. (Guess who??)

I will head out tomorrow to pick this great stuff up!!


  1. Can I guess?? - Can I guess?? Usually I'm not allowed to play along with the question / answer games!!!

    My hubby???!!! Did he say that??!!


  2. I'm not very patient when it comes to waiting on things. Right now I'm waiting on a deposit to go into my checking account and I've checked the bank about 100 times today. As soon as I forget about it, it will be there.