Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I am not so addicted!!

Wow, I haven't been here since Thursday!! That is quite a while, for me!!

Anyhow, there has been a lot going on. On Saturday I went to the homeschool conference and really enjoyed the sessions I went to. I went to one that dealt with toddlers and teaching older kids (you can never have too many suggestions on how to deal with this); the next one I went to was about motivating our kids to learn - hello...30point bathroom cleaning list, no, she really talked about the 5 love languages of our kids and how we need to really know what they are, then we can really encourage and motivate them; then we had lunch and I browsed the curriculum hall, then I went to the session on teaching reading with kids who learn 'differently' (I dislike the term disability...). I learned how a syllable works!! wow, I never knew there were that many rules involved in syllables but now I can read ANY word put in front of me; and the last one was how to teach and build better printing and handwriting. That is something that we totally fight with here, but I learned some pretty cool strategies on handling this...exercising the wrist, arm and shoulders, working on finger strength...there is so much more involved in priniting and writing then I thought!

Anyhow, it is always a fun day, I look forward to it every year. I bump into old friends, new friends and sometimes people that I don't expect to see there. It really is a nice way to break up the year.

We had church on Sunday then took the kids to see the ninja turtle movie. It was pretty good, but probably could have waited for dvd. Then we went shopping. The best time to go grocery shopping in my area is Sunday night around 6ish. The store was EMPTY!!

Yesterday we were back to homeschool group and I hung out in the nursery with the babies and moms. It is a light helping session for me, which is a nice way to end it all. The kids are working on plays and a huge choir for their performance day. I look forward to watching them perform at the end of the year, it is always interesting to see what they planned and wrote.

We got home and Cutie Pie had a friend over. We were busy doing some science stuff...
We made worms and snow...the kids had a blast.

I realized at some point during the day Pooky wasn't around and it was so quiet. Princess and I ran all over the house looking for her. We looked in every bedroom, under the beds...I was starting to worry that she had somehow gotten out the front door without us noticing...it has happened before...anyhow, we open Princess' room door and Pooky was sprawled out, fast asleep on her bed, with the Chuck E Cheese token cup and a calulator...wonder what she was trying to figure out...probably that she got gipped when we went and didn't get as many tokens as the big kids!?


  1. The 5 Love Languages is a great book. You can apply some of those concepts to hubby, friends and family. I know it helped me understand my hubby more...which is worth it's weight in gold. :-)

  2. Sounds like you've been busy!

    I'm interested in the syllable stuff. Dave and I have an ongoing argument over how many syllables are in the word celery. Two? Three?

  3. love the calculator and cup! that is a girl after my own heart!!
    glad you had such a good weekend I love learning new things too!