Friday, April 20, 2007

It's our weekend away...YAY!!

Ya know what I hate? This is totally off is our garbage day and now we have to go out and put some garbage back in the can...because some guy, who is trying to salvage crap from the cans today just made a mess...if you are going to try to take people's garbage, you should be decent enough to clean up after yourself...

Anyhow, onto our weekend. Snoopy is already gone, our friends came by and picked him up last night. Today we drop the other kids off, 2 at my sisters, the baby at my sis-in-laws, and 1 at a friends. We have to sign Cutie Pie up for soccer today, because we can't usually make it to the office while they are open and are going to take advantage of that opportunity today. We are going to stop by another friends house and drop off a few odds and ends we were supposed to drop off at church...this is what happens when we go away...

We did end up buying the car, Pete put a deposit on it last night and the guy is going to start working on it. We should have it sometime next week. I wasnted to double check insurance first, and it is not too bad, so I think in the long run we will be better off financially with this purchase...and we have no payments!

I am gonna run now, and shut the computer down soon...I will not go through withdrawal, because I am so stoked to go away, (however, when we get home...I am not sure how many hours I will spend with my friend that I missed dearly!!)


  1. Hmmm...I wonder if it was the same guy I saw yesterday around my work who had spilled all his crushed cans all over the sidewalk.

    Have fun on your weekend away! It's it amazing that God gave you such great weather too.

  2. I hope you have a great time!

  3. congrats on the car and I hope you have had a fantastic weekend away!! :)

  4. It seems odd and a bit rude to go through people's trash, but whatever. I agree they should at the very least clean up after themselves.

    Congrats on the new car and hope your trip away was relaxing. I know what you mean about getting on as soon as you get home! LOL!