Wednesday, April 11, 2007

School Project

How do you motivate your kids to do schoolwork? This is something that we struggle with in our homeschool.

I have come up with a solution...I know you are all dying to know it, aren't you?

Well, our family is very much into hockey and the NHL. Stanley Cup playoffs start tonight, so I thought what would be a better unit study then to do something revolving around the playoffs...

So, now we have 8 bristol boards on the wall with the opposing team logos on each one. Then we have the standing that each team is in at the moment.

As the games are played we are going to keep track of the teams that win and lose and what the semi-finals are going to look like. The kids are thrilled about this and I think hubby is as well. We are also making predictions on who we think will win and I will have the kids keep a journal of each game and team and player stats throughout...maybe a chart or a graph of some sort as well.

I am making this up as I go, if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate them very much...or, if you just want to get in with your predictions maybe we can chart those as well and see what the majority thinks...this could be fun!!


  1. What a creative lesson! Sounds like a fun way to learn.