Sunday, April 08, 2007

Wow, we have been busy

We had our family Easter dinner yesterday at my parents house and then watched the hockey game...wasn't it sad to see Montreal not make the playoffs? Hahaha, whatever, hopefully New York will lose today and the Leafs make the playoffs...I really don't even care if they make it, it was just fun to watch my hubby's team get out of the playoffs!! Gotta keep the spice in the marriage, ya know!!

Hubby woke up sick today and was really upset that I made him stay home from church. He was worried that people would think he didn't come because he couldn't handle the teasing from all the leaf fans...I just hope he gets better, I do not want anything flying around our house at all.

Anyhow, have you heard of the latest internet craze? Facebook? I signed up today, after my brother showed me a bit about it yesterday and it is actually really neat. I have enjoyed browsing the different names of old friends and going through the high school listings. Very cool!

Gonna run, tomorrow I will try and post more, but will be preparing a turkey dinner, since we didn't do it today afterall...with hubby sick, so I will be busy again tomorrow.



  1. Your hubby was the first person my hubby called after the game was over!! It's a good healthy competition between those boys - we need more Habs fans to balance it out though --- it's a little lop-sided right now!!

    I hope he's feeling better, my Q is sick. Not a good weekend.

  2. Happy Easter! I hope your hubby is feeling better.

  3. Hope you had a fantastic weekend! and your hubby is better :)