Friday, May 25, 2007

Conversation at Aquafit...

Good news on the homefront...I was able to eat a whole meal last night - meat and all. I am feeling a bit better today, but still a tad worn out, but who wouldn't be? My mom and sister have been at my house quite a bit this past week helping to declutter the house and get it ready for before the baby comes. Not an easy task, when you are a packrat like me...but it is getting done.

I have been back to aquafit for 3 weeks now and am enjoying the time there. Last night was no exception. You have to understand that I am 31 and Cheryl comes who is a bit younger then me and there is one other younger lady in the class. Then it is my mom, her friend (who used to help take care of my Grandma) and one of her friends. The one lady has a tattoo on her foot and the teacher had noticed and commented about how 'hip' she was. This nice, older lady had mentioned that she was thinking of getting another tattoo on her shoulder a bird or something...the teacher asked if she was single and she was and suggested getting a donkey tattoo'ed on her shoulder instead...then, when she was out picking up men, she could ask them if they would like to see her ass...


  1. ok that is soooo funny! and good for you for going to aquafit!

  2. That's funny! Glad to hear your feeling better.