Thursday, May 10, 2007

I was the proudest mom last night!!

Last night was the AWANA awards night. It is over now, until September.

The kids went up in order...

First was Cutie Pie - She received her first book award,

Then was Princess, she received her first book award for T&T Girls AND....
then was publicly recognized, in front of everyone, for receiving an award that her leader has never handed out before. Princess had finished the whole book, all the silvers and golds (extra credit) AND memorized 32 backup verses to answer 4 questions and said them all in one sitting, without any help.

Mr. Hockey earned the Excellence award, for completing 2 of the T&T Boys books. It is also his last year in the program. He has been there since he was 5...Oh how time flies!!

Can you see why I was the proudest mom there??? I have awesome kids!!


  1. You should be proud. You have great kids!

  2. Hi, I stopped in from Amy's scavenger hunt. Congratulations to your children - that's terrific!

  3. Congrats to your kids! That would make a mom proud! I'm also visiting from Amy's scavenger hunt!

  4. that is awesome about your kids!

    happy Mother's Day

  5. Time flies - Congrats to all the children.