Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It's Official

Our Princess is starting school tomorrow. She is ecstatic and so are we. I will have to get some batteries for the camera to take a picture of her "first day of school". This is a first for our family, we have done preschool and stuff like that, but this is real school.

We decided on the private school out in the country with a more relaxed feel. It is a nice small class of about 13 kids (mixed grade 3 and 4) and I like the fact that it is not promoted by a particular church, so they are more focused on being Christian and not a denomination.

On another note, we have a midwife appt. today and are really hoping to hear a heartbeat, finally. It has been a long month of waiting for this. I so desperately want to hear that sound of life in me. I feel like I have felt some movement, but can't be sure that it wasn't gas either.

I am going to say that we would like an ultrasound to determine the gender and we will have to decide whether we really want to or not. I want to know and hubby is not sure. I have felt, ever since losing Angel, that I have a much closer connection to the baby when I know the gender. We can pick a name, start getting prepared and feel a bond growing stronger. That is just how I felt afterwards, with the last 2 babies. Might not make any sense to anyone else, but that is how I feel.

Alright, going to go and get lunch finished for the kids.


  1. I totally understand wanting to know as soon as possible what/who you are having. It does make it so much more real, and I feel like I can start to connect with an actual person, as opposed to just the vague idea of a baby that is eventually coming.

    I get ya.