Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Clang, clang, rattle bing bang, gonna make my noise...*


We don't have central air in our house at all. It is something that I really wanted to put in this year, but alas, electrical stuff really should take priority...which means, anothter year with window units.

They are not too bad, we had a really good one that works well and is quiet and we have gone through a couple of older ones, that have done their jobs for the summer and then retired afterwards.

Friends of ours were moving and they had an old one that they were getting rid of in the process, so we took it, now we would have 2 again, one for up and one for down. We got our room all cleaned up and rearranged for the air conditioner to be put in and it worked well for the last week or so.

Then, one morning, a few days ago, we were startled awake by this horrible sounded kind of like...wwhhhiiiiirrrrrrrrrr, wwwwhhhhiiiiirrrr, wwwhhhiiirrrrrr, BANG, BANG, BANG, wwwhhhiiirrrrrr, get my point, right?

It was so bad, that we just shut it off. Later in the evening, we turned it on, about an hour before bedtime, to cool the upstairs for sleeping. It was still pretty noisy, but the BANG, BANG, BANG had stopped. We thought "that's alright, we can put up with it..." you know, a bit of noise, but comfortable air...

Well, around midnight, Princess came and told us it was too noisy and she couldn't sleep. Pooky and Cutie Pie were up half the night with bad dreams, no doubt due to the horrible monster that was living in our room...

So, up we headed to bed and we tried to ignore the noise, after all, it was nice and cool in there, so we could just close our eyes and ignore it, right? Nope...that thing was so noisy, I was sure the neighbours would call the cops for disruption...I was almost sure of it.

So, Pete took it apart and played around with the fan and the switches and tilting it in different positions, and anything else that was humanly possible. I was tempted to sleep in the living room, I even tried to talk Pete into bringing up the one from the living room and waking up early enough to put it back down here before he left...Yeah, he just laughed and said I was crazy.

We finally decided to turn it off and suffer in the heat. But I will have you know, it is just going to get worse this year. We really need something better for up there, the fans are not cutting it anymore. So, this afternoon, I am heading out to Walmart and buying a new air conditioner.

It is very exciting...cause we will be able to sleep with a nice quiet, cool and refreshing room...we are also hoping that we will be able to set up the fans, as we have done in the past, to circulate through the upstairs all the way.

No more monsters, noises or bad dreams!!

*Taken from Mortimer by Robert Munsch


  1. I was expecting you to say you found a mouse in the unit.
    The summer C was born, we installed central air at the condo only a few days before she was born. It was such a hot/sticky summer, we were actually sleeping on a bed in the living room because our bedroom upstairs was stiffling.

  2. Good luck with your new air conditioner! We suffered last summer with what must be your air conditioner's cousin or something. It wouldn't run in the afternoon, when the sun was beating right down on it (and that's the hottest part of the day and when Dave had to sleep for work). It was awful. I feel for ya, Ruth. I hope you have a cool night tonight.

  3. Stay cool! Too bad your fans don't do the job. Aren't air conditioners expensive? :~)

    I'd welcome some hot weather up here... Hugs!

  4. we also have one window air conditioner which I am very familiar with as I lived in front of it last summer when I was huge pregnant! we love Robert Munsch too