Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Cutie Pie Dictionary of Vocabulary

Pete took Cutie Pie to see Shrek 3 last night. He enjoys taking each of his kids out 1 at a time, it is important for that relationship to be nurtured.

Cutie Pie was so excited to go out with her daddy and it was all a surprise, she didn't know where she was going until she got there.

When they got home, she came in with her Shrek 3 popcorn bucket, filled to the top, with all the flavouring pouches and proudly tells me - We got recalls on popcorn mom!!


  1. That's so cute!

  2. I love what the terms and logic they come up with. C calls the back of her knees...leg-armpits.

  3. Pete is really being molded into a great father and man after God's own heart. We also feel it is important for both of us to arrange one on one with the kids and we really enjoy it too!

  4. Father-daughter time is so important. Way to go, Dad! :~)