Monday, June 11, 2007

Is it a boy or a girl???

Short post this morning...

I am going in for my ultrasound today. Hubby can't make it, so I am bringing in an envelope and am going to have them write it down and seal the envelope. Then when hubby gets home, which won't be soon enough, we are going to open it and find out together...

We have a girls name picked, Emily Faith, and a boys name tentatively picked...I am not 100% sure that I like it, so it could change...Curtis Samuel. Though I think he would be called Samuel, regardless...cause that is who the kids have been praying for...

Right now, we have 1 son and 3 girls at home, and 1 girl in heaven. Mr. Hockey came first, in August 1995 then there was Princess in March 1998, Angel in December 2000(should have been January 2001), Cutie Pie in December 2001, and Pooky in April 2005. I am not sure if that changes what to expect or not...I am due October 2007.

You have a day to put in your guess as to what the gender is going to be...I will post the results tomorrow night.


  1. Ohhhhh....I can't wait.
    When I posted about my sister's 3 girls to 1 boy...I thought about you...that you would have to do a similar post.

  2. I think it's a boy. I love the name Samuel.

  3. I love the name Samuel too! I know Devon would love a baby brother, so I hope for him. I do however love the name Emily Faith. Kayla's middle name is also Faith so of course I love it!