Friday, August 31, 2007

Whatever possesses them???

So, you all know that we are in the process of trying to sell our house. I have never been much of a housekeeper, but have gained some OCD tendencies during this process. Someone could walk through the house in the next 5 minutes and it would look like no one lives here!!

Yesterday, for lunch, I made chicken strips and noodles. I can't eat tomato sauce right now, cause the heartburn just kills me afterwards, so I mixed the noodles with cream of mushroom soup and shredded cheese. It was DELICIOUS and I will be making it again.

I gave both Pooky and Cutie Pie a bowl of noodles to start with and was going to give them the chicken after they were done the noodles, since I didn't want to dirty too many plates.

Pooky was eating hers up real good until Cutie Pie says 'I don't like mushrooms'. Um, this child has eaten mushrooms forever and has never complained. But now, both the girls decided that they didn't want the noodles.

Pooky has figured that when she doesn't like something she just scrapes it into the garbage and it is gone...problem solved...we are dealing with that now...

Here is the conversation that transpired at lunch then keep reading for the ultimate shocker!!

CP - I am done my noodles mom, Pooky is throwing hers in the garbage
Me - Did you throw yours in the garbage too?
CP - Oh, no, I ate mine
Me - (I wasn't born yesterday) Look me in the eye and tell me that you ate your noodles
CP - (looking guiltily in my eyes) I ate mine
Me - If I go into the kitchen and look in the garbage, will I see more then I gave to Pooky?
CP - No, you won't, I ate mine

So, I go and check the garbage, and there are a total of 8 or 9 noodles in the garbage, which is all Pooky had left, when she realized she wouldn't like them.

So, I guessed that Cutie Pie had actually eaten her noodles...THEN...

I was walking through the house to make sure it was clean and ready for the next onslaught of strangers to walk through and guess what I found???


Yup, in the pantry, hiding behind my hubby's beer case, in the corner.

What possesses children to do things like this?

Oh yeah, and on the way out of the house, I noticed a half eaten apple in a shoe in the hallway and when we got home, I saw a chicken strip under the tv table...

So much for myt OCD housecleaning...


  1. Ha ha ha! Kids. What can you do?

  2. Did you take pictures?? It would make good conversation for boys coming to "court" your daughters!! Did you know... ;-)

    Are the painters painting tomorrow?