Friday, September 14, 2007

How time flies...(or how fast our kids grow up)

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So, the first full week of school has gone just wonderful, for all my kids...even me!! It has been really nice to enjoy some one on one time with Pooky for a change. We have a great routine started that I hope will last for the entire school year and it is so not stressful!

Cutie Pie has been enjoying making new friends and learning lots and lots. Every night she has a book that she 'reads' to us, all about the word IN. She is so proud of the fact that she can do this on her own. The other day, I overheard her counting to 10 in french. French is the one subject that we didn't do while homeschooling, and I knew she could count to 10 in spanish, thanks to Dora...but I asked her if she had learned the french in school and sure enough she did. She is such a sponge and just seems to be soaking everything in...

I guess with this part of growing up and growing independent, she is also learning what she likes and doesn't like.

My nephew goes to the same school and my sister was there picking him up. She saw Cutie Pie and said "Hi" and CP just flicked her hair the other way and walked away from her. a 5 year old...This seems to have hit earlier with her then it has with any of the other kids...

A conversation we had the other night consisted of this...

Me: Gracie (Cutie Pies real name is Grace)come here
CP: My name is not Gracie, it is Grace
Me: Sorry...Grace, come here

So, she is growing up. She is not my little Gracie anymore, and yet she still is...and if you call her Gracie, in public, you may get a hair flick and a look of disgust...


  1. I think it was in grade 4 when I came home and told my parents that I no longer wanted to be called Cheri, but wanted to go by my real that time, I thought my real name was more mature.

  2. That picture is great! I'm glad school is going so well.

  3. I'll have to try this on Sunday...

    Gracie!!!! :-)