Thursday, October 18, 2007


So, I have good news. Our house finally SOLD!! It was so exciting yesterday to see the sold sign go up on our lawn and the sold sign should be on the lawn of our new house today too!!

It is a relief to have this over with and to be able to relax a bit again.

It is an amazing story, I think...

We put the house on the market on August 20th. Yes, it has been that long. We had an offer within 3 weeks and it ended up falling through, because the guy couldn't get his financing in order. I found this to be really devastating. I couldn't understand why it would happen this way, where we got our hopes up and they were crushed. We spoke positively about the sale and were really excited to see everything falling into place before the stated date on our offer.

This past Friday we had a couple walk through and they seemed to like the place. They wanted to come back during the day on Saturday, but our agent couldn't be here for I said that I would stay and let them in. They came on Saturday and seemed to really like it a lot. We got a phone call Saturday evening that there was an offer and what did we think of it. We decided to try to get a bit more for the place and they were ok with that. They signed the offer and so did we. There was a home inspection set up for Monday, and that went well...nothing surprised them there. Their financing came into place on Wednesday and it was a done deal by Wednesday night.

It was such a relief. After we got home from the final paper signing, our agent called us and asked if we wanted to hear something funny...I was a bit concerned by that comment, but said...go ahead.

Our agent had talked with the agent from our new place. There was a condition in our offer, on the other lady's part, that if another offer came in before our conditions were met, that we would have 48 hours to meet our condition or we would lose the place. Apparently, at 5pm yesterday, there was a new offer on the table and the lady was going to have to accept it. Her house was on the market for 2 months before we bought it, then 2 more months after the accepted offer. No other offers had come in at all, until yesterday. If we had not had this sale by the Friday, we would have lost the house and this all would have been a waste...

The lady who was selling our house was so excited to hear that we finally sold, she wanted a young family to buy her place and move into the area and was just so happy to hear that we did it!

This was definitely a GOD THING!! That house was meant to be ours!! Just when you look at the flow of events...

* I find this house by fluke on the mls page on Friday
* I email the agent to find out about an open house and there is one on Sunday
* We have plans to be in Toronto on Sunday, so make an appt to see it on Monday night
* We are able to make it home on time to get to the end of the open house and we fall in love with it on the first walk through
* We go back Monday night with our agent and some friends for a second opinion and talk about putting in an offer
* Wednesday night we put in our offer and she accepts, we just have to sell our house and have an electrical inspection and get financing
* Financing and inspection are done by Monday and those conditions are we just have to sell our house. We have 3 weeks or so...
* We have our house ready to show and stage within 3 days and it is on the market
* We have an offer in the second week of the listing but it falls through
* We have to ask for an extension of our offer and it is extended, there is still the clause of another offer coming in, then we have 48 hours to complete our condition
* It is on the market for another 4-5 weeks and we finally get another offer, we signed on Saturday...conditional on a home inspection and financing
* Home inspection on Monday, financed by Wednesday, final papers signed Wednesday night
* Found out that there was another offer on the table as of 5pm we would have had 48 hours to complete a sale or lose the house...

But...things happen for a reason, and I think that I have learned a lot from living in a staged house. I have never been much of a housekeeper...we like to live in our house. Not that it is 'dirty' but it could get cluttered quite easily, and I would be embarassed if some people would have come over at times. I learned that routines are not that hard to start and keep up, we have lived like this now for 2 months and it is second nature to just clean up as we go and keep things tidy to begin with. Such an easy concept, but it took this experience for me to realize that...

That is all for now. I am sure to write more later, but now the fun begins...finish packing and cleaning out the garbage, getting things organized for the move and having a baby!! Soon, hopefully!!


  1. I am so happy to see everything is working out. Post pictures when you can!

  2. Hurray! That is great news! I am so glad things have worked out. It was truly meant to be. How wonderful!

    Our old house has been on the market for over a year. (Yes, a year's worth of double mortgage payments. AH!) We've had two offers where the financing fell through. A new offer just came in last week. Hopefully, we'll close by December 10th and be free of it! It has been so stressful.

    I'm so glad to hear your news. I hope you'll post pictures!

  3. congratulations I am glad things worked out the way they were meant too!

  4. I'm so so happy for you! That's you Ruth and me Ruth both moving into houses that God has provided!