Friday, November 16, 2007

Home again...but it doesn't quite feel like home yet...

Well, Faith has done remarkably well and the dr's and nurses continue to be amazed by this little fighter...well, not really little, but you know what I mean.

The dr is so pleased with her progress, both with breathing and feeding and has ordered her feeds to go up 4mL every 4 hours now until they reach 45mL per hour. This is what she should be able to tolerate. If she can handle that well, then they will be able to take her surgical line out much sooner then they had originally planned...which is just awesome!! They kept telling us that it would be a long term thing for her...and again, she is proving them wrong.

So, with the breathing continuing so well and the feedings going great, the only thing really that is left to work on is the oral feeding. Right now she is receiving her feeds through a tube in her nose, so she has never had to learn how to suck. We have been working with her with a soother and she doesn't like it very much.

But, the positive is that she is now able to swallow. This was another issue that they weren't sure of 'because of the insult her body received with the lack of oxygen to the brain...'. But, we know whose report we are believing and she can swallow. She will have a regular occupational therapist starting on Monday who will continue to assess her situation and will work with her on the coordination of the sucking and swallowing together.

As soon as this starts to happen, she will be able to be transferred to our local hospital and then home after she gets a bit better with feedings and they see that she is growing. This is a huge step for her and for her dr's to say, but they do say that we will have to wait until next week to get a gage of where she is at.

I am going to post a few pics everyday, so that people can see without their computers crashing or something...but also because it seems to take forever for my computer to bring them up in blogger...

So here are the first few pics...

Faith being transported to the children's hospital...

Mommy's first hold...7 days old...

Not letting go of Daddy...

Look at me open my eyes!!


  1. Look at that princess!!!! It is so amazing and we can't ever to forget to thank God for each and every step!!!

  2. She is sooooo beautiful, and looks like she fits in with the rest of the family...I love that! I really can't wait to meet her and welcome her. She is so blessed to be born into your family, and I'm sure you feel blessed to have her. I'm sure she'll keep fighting and continue to get stronger.

  3. Absolutely wonderful!!! She is a shining light in a dark world.
    A nurse told me that babies always do better once they are home, so lets get this princess home. Once she's back in town ask about coming home with the ng tube. I know several mom's who've had to use ng tubes at home and if that is the only thing keeping her in the hospital it doesn't hurt to ask. If you want to talk to a mom about ng tubes let me know and I'll put you in touch.
    God's continued blessing to you all.

  4. What an awesome update! I love the hand pictures.

  5. Blessings - thanksgiving - for the Promises of God are Yes and Amen.
    The prayers of the righteous avail much.
    see you all in a couple weeks

  6. Ruth, she is absolutely beautiful. It must have felt so good to finally hold her after seven days.

    I'm so glad she's continuing to improve!