Friday, November 30, 2007

The past week

It has been fairly uneventful this past week, which is something to be happy means that nothing bad has happened!!

As I said previously, Faith did well with her surgery and we are getting a bit more used to the tube being there. Her feeds have now been put back on the pump and it is stretched out over a 1 hour time period. She is doing well with tolerating the milk, not spitting up as much...most of the time. They had to take her off of one of her medications because of the side effects that she was having, so we are praying for her reflux to be gone, as this medication was working with her antacid to stop the pray for no more reflux problems and for her to hold her food down.

We made it for rounds yesterday, which as I have said before, we really like being there for. Our nurse said that she was quite pleased with Faith's neurological function...when we had left the day before, Faith was still awake...she stayed awake and was happy, for 3 hours. The nurse went and got a mobile to hang in her crib and Faith watched it spin around. This is huge, because the dr's were sure that there would be some problem with her eyes. This is showing that she does have interest, but her eyes are still developing.

The OT was also there just before lunch. She showed us a few stretches to help her muscles in her arms and hands, they are easy enough to do. She was quite pleased with how Faith had positioned her left arm, up by her head and palm facing up. This was something that she couldn't do previously because of the injury to her neck and shoulder that was another little step for Faith.

Also, when the OT tried to work with Faith to see how her sucking reflex was coming along, Faith sucked!! The OT was quite pleased and noticed the difference from last week. Now, the only thing left to make sure of is the swallowing and breathing portion...but when Faith was given the bottle, she had no interest in sucking, we take a step forward and wait a bit, then get ready to take another step forward.

We sing to her constantly, it is something that she really likes and it keeps her calm as well. But, I have not found any other way to confess things over her life, then through, I tend to make up my own words, but they stick and they fit and I sing that song all day...she is going to come through all this just fine!!

The final good news from this past week is that the dr has basically said that as long as there is a bed at our local hospital, she should be transferred on Monday!! YAY!!! So, pray also, that there is a bed for her, cause I am ready for her to be in our town!!

Thanks again, for all the prayers and support we have had through this all. It has really made us see exactly what we have and just how blessed we really are. We have so much to be thankful for and we really, truly are!


  1. Each day it gets more and more exciting and then it gets even better! :-) Faith is amazing!!

  2. God is GOOD! I am so happy for you guys and can't wait to visit Faith again soon! It sounds like she will eventually be able to eat on her own, praise him!

  3. I love ending my long day with great news from Faith
    I love her so much and can't wait for her Chunkey Monkey Party

    Last night after the kids went to sleep Sean and I were at Shoppers and for the first time I noticed the chunkey monkey ice cream.
    Looks yummy, it will be her treat forever when we come to play cards in years to come.

  4. Oh Ruth! She is really moving along. I'm so glad to hear it. I hope she gets her transfer on Monday.