Monday, December 24, 2007

Faith is HOME!!!

Yup, she is home. On Friday she was ablet o leave the hospital, without going in an ambulance.

She wasn't sure of the new noises and surroundings and just kinda sat and listened to them all, while we were waiting for my mom to bring the van around.

We got home and it took a few days for her to adjust to being in a home with 5 other kids and lots of people that wanted to hold her. It was the best day of our lives!!

I had told Princess in the morning that we were hoping she would come home, and when I found out at the hospital, I phoned my parents and told them and also Princess, since she was there for the day.

Mr. Hockey and Cutie Pie were at school and they didn't find out until they walked in the door and saw her.

Mr. Hockey was the first one home and he saw me in the kitchen and said "mom, you are home early"...I just smiled and looked at the playpen and he looked around the corner and freaked out!! He was almost in tears!! I have never seen him take his jacket and boots off so fast...he even put them away quickly...he ran to the bathroom and washed his hands and came back in the living room and says..."I washed my hands, I am ready to hold her!" He was just ecstatic and couldn't believe that he was finally holding her...49 days after she was born!!

Princess and Cutie Pie had gotten home at the same time, as well as Pooky. Cutie Pie had not been told that Faith was home either, so when she came in and heard Faith cry she freaked out too...She was screaming and jumping, she was so excited. Princess and the girls went and washed their hands and quickly came back into the living room for a turn to hold their new sister.

Everyone had a turn and then daddy came home...Faith was held a lot that first night...and to be honest, really ever since...we just can't seem to put her down or even stop looking at her...

The first night we were adjusting to the new routine. She gets medicine 9 times a day and is fed every 3 hours. Her feeds last 1.5 hours, so really the routine is kind of around the clock...

I, who was never really a very organized person, have now become quite organized...I really didn't have much choice in the matter. I have learned that the best time to mix her formula is in the evening, before going to bed...she has a special concentration, because she needs some extra calories right now.

I have also become quite adept at measuring medication, exatly how the hospital does it, making sure that there are no air bubbles, so the measurement is exact!! After any medication she receives, through her tube, we have to flush the tube so that the medicine goes into her stomach. This is a much easier way of giving a kid medicine, without having to fight with them by putting it in their mouth...that day will come, but I will enjoy this right now.

Anyhow, I will type more and add pictures later on, when I have another minute, we are heading back to the hospital for more bloodwork and a check up with the dr. We have been praying for good calcium levels, since those are the ones they are watching...

Have a great Christmas eve day...and if you are not ready for tomorrow, don't worry, neither are we this year...we have told the kids that we are just going to be happy with whatever we get...which is not very much right now...

All we wanted was to be together and we got that early!!


  1. Ok Ruth you had me in tears again today! I am so happy for you and the family. Yesterday was such a great day!!! I was crying when you guys went to the front, man tears of joy I tell you. If there is anything you need please feel free to call. Congrats on the best Christmas present anyone could ever get. We are praying for you today!

  2. I am so excited for you guys! Congratulations on bringing your miracle home and have the best Christmas ever!!

  3. What an incredible Christmas present, the best gift for sure!! I still can't stop crying!!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas to all of you!

  4. I was trying not to cry in church too when I saw you bring her in.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. This is absolutely EXCITING!!!! So happy for you guys. Merry Christmas and all the best.

  6. Ruth, I am so happy for you and your family! What a wonderful Christmas gift! I hope you enjoyed your holiday.

  7. Praise God your little one is home. She must be a delight to all.

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  8. the part about your son made me cry! we are so happy for you, I can't wait to see more pics of your family!
    Happy New Year

  9. So happy to hear your sweet baby is home. What an awesome gift.