Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Update and Pictures

Another week of snow and crappy weather...hopefully it is over soon.

Cutie Pie and Princess are still on their way home, the roads were too bad to finish the drive last night, so this week Cutie Pie only has 2 days of school...yup, count em. Gotta love the new February holiday that was put into place at the last minute...so the schools had already planned a pa day for Friday, and then the holiday...all in the same week.

We are heading to the children's hospital 2 more times this week, just for quick visits. Thursday is the actual swallow study. Faith will be sitting in a reclining chair and I will be spoon feeding her barium (how yummy, right?) apparently they sweeten it for babies. Then when she swallows a video camera xray machine thingy will take pictures of it going down or up and that will determine how quickly we can move on the feeding. I may even get to try to feed her some pablum thickness barium, which would be nice to see how she will potentially handle solids. I will update more after that visit.

On Friday we go for the brachial plexis clinic. Those are big words for 'shoulder injury'. When she was delivered, they had to use forceps, and in doing so there was a slight injury to her left shoulder. I can't see anymore signs of it, so I am assuming this will be the only time we will have to have that looked at.

I took some pics of Faith that I am going to attempt to post here...my computer has been freezing up regularly, so we will see how this goes.

Oh yeah, and I am waiting for my cloth diaper delivery!! The first one and we will get to start this journey and see how we do with it!! I have been buying a few soakers on ebay just to try them out and if they don't work for soakers, then at least we have some very cute pants...I really need to learn to sew or knit or something. I would love to be able to make these things and sell them and make a bit of money while I am at home. Maybe one day I will have enough time!

Faith and her big eyes
All smiles...I love the gummy smiles at this age!!
She loves sucking her thumb and playing with her toes now...
...and I love her feet...they are so tiny and perfect!!


  1. She is beautiful.

  2. she is soooooooo beautiful! I look forward to hearing some more good reports this week!

  3. Faith is just beautiful. I love that smile! Too sweet.