Tuesday, March 04, 2008

RSV season

Haven't been back to update in a bit. Faith came down with RSV last Wednesday and it is a fairly serious illness. Last week my other kids were sick and Pooky got some medicine for an ear infection. Cutie Pie was said to just have a bad cold, but whatever they brought home, Faith ended up with RSV.

When Faith was born, there was a sign on many of the incubators around her that said RSVP...we always wondered what that meant, and when we were leaving to head to the local hospital here we were asked if she had qualified for an RSV immunization. Apparently there is a set of vaccines that babie who are in compromising situations at birth receive to prevent them from getting this illness.

Funny thing that Faith wasn't among the babies who were considered "sick" enough or "compromised" enough to receive it...she was too healthy!! Most premies get the shots if they are born during the prime time for the illness.

Our dietician told us yesterday that they series of shots cost approximately $10,000 per child so that is why there are certain guidelines that have to be met. Faith only had one against her, that was being on the ventilator for a certain amount of time. But, since that was the only problem that was met, she didn't qualify...which in one way was nice...but, now since she had been on a ventilator, with respiratpory problems, the RSV infection that she has can be quite dangerous. So we have decided to not take her out at all until this is gone, we open our windows instead to get the fresh air...

We are also trying to stay away from anyone who may have a cold or is not feeling too good...our kids are being told to stay away from her if they have coughs...kinda hard to do and explain that one, but, oh well...such is life!

Yesterday our pediatrician phoned the house to check up on her and see how she was doing. If everything was ok and how was her breathing. I have never had a dr call before!! Made me realize how dangerous this can be!

Now, Faith is improving a great deal. She still has a nasty cough and that triggers her reflux, which is definitely not fun...we had tried to change her volume of her feeds, but brought it back down to normal until she is over this nasty virus (which I call Respiratory Syn$%^&&** something Virus...)

Otherwise, things are going good here. I have a funny story about Cutie Pie losing her first tooth...which I will try to get on later and type up...hope everyone has a great day!!


  1. Oh no! I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  2. My boy had RSV in Feb and he had to use the inhaler. He is 3 months old now and it was really sad to see him wheezing and feeling blue. My 2 year old had a cold and passed it on to him. Like you, it is hard to get the older kids to stay away etc.

    I hope she gets better fast without too many complications.