Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Update on Faith

Faith is now pretty much over the RSV. I am so thankful for that, because I have heard from a number of people how dangerous it could have been. She didn't have any breathing problems at all.

We have really been working on that left arm, getting it moving around and hopefully making it move better and easier so we won't need to have surgery in a few months. That is what sticks out the most right now as one of the bigger problems.

We have been able to see the progress there already, since she is now very comfortably rolling from her back to her right side, which makes her have to use her left side...she is quite comfy now rolling both ways. Just today, we saw that she is trying to go from her side to her tummy now, which is huge!! That arm keeps getting in the way, so once she figures out where it should go, she will be well on her way!

She is also doing well with holding her head up while on her tummy. She can hold it there for around 10 seconds now before she puts it back down. We are trying to show her that now she needs to learn to push up with her arms, so she can get her chest off the floor next.

She is doing well with the eating as well. She has totally given up sucking altogether, so we are not even really attempting the bottle much...I think she will go straight to a sippy cup instead...which means no weaning...YAY!! But she is taking about 10 mL from a spoon quite well now, soon she may be able to take most of her feeding that way and we will compensate with lower volumes with the pump. It will be nice when we get there...but it still doesn't feel like we are moving fast enough...

But, I know that with baby steps we are moving and that is better then standing still.

This is a picture of Faiths favourite new pasttime...grabbing and chewing on her tube...we are going to have to tape in onto her soon...if she keeps this up!!


  1. I'm glad she's over the RSV. She is such an adorable baby!