Saturday, July 12, 2008

It feels like it has been forever!!

My life has been crazy here since school has been out and I haven't had much time to get to the computer at all. So this post will be a mish mash of the last few weeks activities!!

Faith is doing amazing. She is behind with some developmental delays, but that is expected with a long hospital stay. She is still doing wonderfully, she now claps her hands when she hears music, she is very ticklish and she is rolling over both ways now, from her tummy to her back and back to tummy!! That was a huge accomplishment right there.

Now, if you have read my blog for a while, you will remember that Faith pulled out her breathing tube and never needed it again. We had near heart attacks at that moment...and it hasn't failed that she has done it to us again!!

Faith has decided that she no longer needs a feeding tube. I was in Toronto at a service and had decided not to stay for food, and also not to help a friends parents with their move, my friend and I were just going to head straight home. We were partway there when I got a phone call...

Pete was frantic, he was getting the kids ready to swim a bit and came in to get Faith last. He was freaking out because she was chewing on her mic-key button...not the way it is supposed to be used.

I had to get Pete to calm down so I could talk to him properly. I told him what to do...empty the balloon first, which had almost nothing in it, then rub the end of the button in the stomach juices (nice, huh?) and pop it back in. I said that I would be there soon. So we hung up.

Then the phone rang again. He said the button wouldn't go back I told him to just wait until I got home, which wasn't too much longer.

When I got home I rubbed some lubricant on the end and tried to put it in. He was right, it wouldn't go in. So, we left my friend here with the kids and we ran to the hospital. There were 3 people in front of us at triage, so I told the volunteer that her tube had come out and the hole was closing up and we needed to be seen right away...

We were, and after triage we went to sit in the childrens waiting area...we couldn't really see anyone right away and then this lady...I am sure she was crazy, came out of nowhere and "welcomed" us to the waiting area...ummm...ok. At this point I was trying to figure out if it would be rude to leave and sit somewhere else, but we decided that it would be more interesting there:-)

She was telling us that they had been there for almost 3 hours already. Only, there was no one else with her...then she told us that her husband and kids had gone for a walk. When they got back, I couldn't really tell who was sick and who wasn't. I know if I go to the hospital with a child, I do not make it a family outing...anyhow...

The nurse came to us within 10 minutes and asked when Faith needed to be fed again...and we explained that she is only fed at night time now and drinks as much during the day as possible. I am not sure if I blogged that already or not...but she was ok until then.

We were taken back right away and as we were leaving the waiting area, the crazy lady said "well, aren't you lucky" and that is when I wanted to scream at her and say...yeah, I am lucky that I am here with a child who needs a tube to be fed...I hate when people don't think before they speak!!!

As we were walking past the nurses station, they told the nurse who brought us in that there were no dr's to see patients right away...mhmmm...but, they must have called one down for us specifically and the first thing she said was..."wow, this is healing quite nicely". That was the last thing that I wanted to hear...seriously. She then informed us that they really don't deal with these things over the weekend and try to get Faith to eat her whole feed instead. If she doesn't, call the other hospital on Monday and see if she can be seen...

So off we went to start this new journey. The one where there is no more beeping, no more tubes, no more medical tape, no more feeding, we got rid of a lot of things when that tube came out. Now to see if we can get her drinking enough...

When the dietician came on Tuesday we told her what happened and Faith actually gained an ounce!! I have never been so happy about such a small amount before, but it meant that Faith was going to be fine.

As I type this, Faith is almost done her second cuppy for the day. She needs 3 to get her full feed, and I am thinking that today may be a 4 cuppy day!! This is so exciting...It is like she just knows when she is ready!!

Now, for us and heart attacks...Yeah...

And a funny tidbit to end the post...hubby went in for a special procedure the other day...if you know me, you know what it is...if not, just think...we have 5 kids already!!

In the van, a few days before the procedure, Cutie Pie asks...

CP: Wouldn't it be fun to have twins?
Me: No, and we aren't going to have any more babies
CP: Oh yeah, when is daddy getting fixed?
Me: On Friday
CP: Are they going to put him to sleep?
Me: No, he just goes to the office
CP: Are they going to cut him open?
Me: Nope, he just goes to the office
CP: How long does he have to stay in the hospital?
Me: Not at all...we just go to an office
CP: How many stitches is he going to get?
Me: I don't know...
CP: Can he die?
Me: No, he won't die...

Kids are so honest!! I love it. And daddy is recovering fine!!

More later, cause there is way more going on here then that!!


  1. Wow, you have had a lot going on! Glad to hear Faith is doing well. She is one determined child!

    And that Cutie Pie is too cute!

  2. Way to go Daddy, welcome to the world of Geldings! (as my cousin put it who grew up on a farm...)