Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Faith Update...

I am not sure all that I have posted here recently about Faith, but if I haven't mentioned that she pulled out her tube, I just did. An update on her, she is amazing!! She has been gaining weight and is eating like crazy.

When we have supper she will scream and scream, you know, that high pitched girlie scream? Yeah, she will do that until we give her some food. Imagine that!!

She loves to eat everything...macaroni salad is a favourite, along with canned peas and steak and potatoes, and chicken...yup, she prefers to eat off of our plates instead of baby food, which is fine with me!! She is still drinking her formula really well and I am going to discuss moving to milk soon, cause it is costing us a small fortune now!! 2 cans of concentrate a day...mixed with very little water...

I also wanted to mention that I received a phone call yesterday. It was a follow up from the letter .

They had a meeting and talked with our ethicist about what had happened and basically there was a huge conflict of interest that hadn't been dealt with. She is a part of the NICU medical team that was working on Faith and felt pulled between us and her team. I fully understand that and feel badly that we didn't know how that affected her. It would be a hard position between your bosses that you see all the time or the family that will be gone in a few weeks...I couldn't imagine.

So, they talked about how it could be different and have decided that when an ethicist is assigned they will be from a different unit. They will not have the ties to the exact one that is being dealt with.

I was asked if I thought that would a good solution and I obviously said yes!! I still and grinning ear to ear because something I worried would come off wrong was used to help others in the future!! I am so excited and happy that it was taken seriously.

I also mentioned that we were going to be back at the hospital next week and would love to meet and reintroduce ourselves to our ethicist, in a different light, a lighter atmosphere and let her meet Faith. Not as an 'in your face' meeting but more of a 'our God is amazing' meeting. I am really looking forward to that and we are also going to see if any of our dr's are in that week too. I just am so excited to show her off!!

I love a shirt that we received as a hand me down for says on the front...When God made me He was just showing off!! How true is that!!

Anyhow, all good news from here for back soon, to tell you all of our new family plans we have in 3-4 years...


  1. I'm so glad you got a response to your letter! I think that's great. And the visit to the hospital to see the ethicist and doctors - to go back there with a healthy and lively Faith? That should feel great for everyone.

  2. Ruth, I've been following your story quite closely and have been so encouraged and blown away by God! It has been such a testimony to me to see your faith (and your husbands) and it encourages me to strive for faith in my own life, in spite of an awful year. (long story, not for here)
    I would love to be a fly on the wall at the hospital the day you bring Faith in to see the people who helped (and those who thought they were helping) God is amazing!