Monday, October 27, 2008

Letter to the tooth fairy...

So, the littler ones here still believe in the tooth fairy. The older ones play along for the sake of them...Cutie Pie has been losing teeth like crazy (and having them pulled) and she just lost one on Friday...

Now, at our house, the tooth fairy is on vacation regularly. She goes on holiday over the weekends and even takes some surprise holidays without us knowing...

Our kids have come to the understanding that there is no point putting out a tooth on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday...there will be no money in the morning;-)

Call us bad parents...or whatever you want...but it works for us, you see...Our memories are getting worse...did I tell you that our memories are getting worse? Sorry, I see I repeated myself...

Anyhow, so today is Monday and for what we know, the tooth fairy is in business tonight...but...oh no, the tooth has now been Cutie Pie writes a letter instead...can you tell we have been through this before? This was done with no prompting from anyone...just her, money talks to our kids!! LOL!!

Here is the letter, spelling and all...

berue tooth fare. I am mising my tooth It came awt on friday. I cant find It I luked evrewar I c*nt (put a "u" for the star...for real...) find It It is vare harde to finde.

Translation: Dear Tooth Fairy. I am missing my tooth. It came out on Friday. I cant find it. I looked everywhere. I can't find it. It is very hard to find.

She is so cute...hopefully we remember before we go to bed!!


  1. C has written letters to the tooth fairy too...asking the tooth fairy to not take the tooth because it's special.
    The tooth fairy in our house has been on vacation for about 3 the point that I think C might have forgotten she is owed for 2 teeth...although she knows who the toothfairy is now.

  2. That's the cutest little letter!

    I have a friend who left notes for her kids from the tooth fair on teeny tiny paper - because fairies are small.