Thursday, October 30, 2008

Something funny...

Ok, this post may get a bit personal...but I really want to share the story...because it was toooooo funny!!

So, if you don't want to read about b**bs then stop reading here....;-)

I figure that I can laugh at this stuff now, so I may as well share this with you too...

After having quite a few babies, the "girls" have gotten too big to handle...I have decided that I need to lose some weight so that I can see a plastic surgeon for a reduction. I am fine with this and actually look forward to it too...

I had my appointment and met with the cosmetic surgeon here, I was a bit uncomfortable, but decided that I really wanted this done and I would have to "grow up". So, I showered, and got ready, psyched myself up for the "viewing" of the girls and went to the office. I sat in the car a few extra minutes getting my head around the whole situation.

Into the elevator and up to the office. It was nice, and dimmed lighting. Very relaxing and comfy, then I was called into the office.

I sat and waited for the dr...hoping it wouldn't be too embarassing, thoughts going through my head...what will he say? Will they have to take pictures? How red is my face going to turn? know, those questions.

In came the dr. He was young and had a hard time making eye contact...or maybe that was me;-) and he asked how old I was. I replied 32, and then he asked how many kids I had. I answered "5". He responded to that with..."oh my goodness...5 kids? you mean you have 5 kids?" Put lots of emphasis on the 5...

Then, how much do I weigh (here is where I lay it all out) I answered, 200 pounds and I told him that I have lost 40 already...looking forward to this appointment. He asked what size I was...I am not going to answer that here...but I told him and he asked me what size I would like to be and I told him, realistically.

He went on to tell me that I should lose some more weight, to cut down on the risks involved, and I agreed...I do want to lose the weight...mainly because if I lose it and have a lot of skin hanging, then I may as well deal with all the physical problems at once...:-)

He then told me all the risks, the scarring that would be left, the future outcomes of the procedure...all that bad stuff, and still I am eager to get it done.

Then he asks the question, the one that I worked myself up for. Do I want to show him now, or wait til my next appointment? I was thinking, I took a shower and psyched myself up for this...I am definitely exposing myself. So, I said it would probably be better to look now and compare when I lose the rest of the weight. He gave me a gown and left the room.

The gown was made for a size 00 person, I am certain of this, but I still put it on and pulled it closed as best as I could. He came back in the room and told me to stand, so gravity could play its role and then open the gown. So up I got and opened the front...his response was "wow, those are large"...not lying, I am not joking...I said yup, and that was why I was there.

At the end, he said that wether I lose the weight or not, come back in 6 months and I will be having the surgery...Yeehaw!! I am so excited!!

But, I sit back and wonder...does he respond like that all the time? Or what???

Haha, there, I finally typed it up...and if that was too much for you, then oh well...I tried to keep it tame;-)


  1. LOL You are a brave woman Ruth!
    I agree though that you need to lose as much weight on your own as possible- you can do it Ruth!!!

  2. haha...I agree with Amanda, you're even braver to post the story.

  3. Hilarious!!! Loosy toothy Ruthy is all grown up!!! And apparently so are your "girls" LOL


  4. Oh, Ruth! You are so funny! My girls are big, too.

  5. My daughter (size G) is going to have a reduction also. She is pretty petit so the big boobs are a real bother. She is waiting for her last little one to turn 1.
    Good luck. My sister had one about a year ago. She wasn't completely happy after the first surgery so she had them fix a few things. She said she would still do it over again any day. She is very happy.