Saturday, March 21, 2009

Girls weekend

The men in our lives are gone away for the weekend. It is a nice break for us all, we do miss them, but we get to have our girl time...what does that include?

Cutie Pie screaming because Faith dumped cream soda on her new to her sweater, Pooky raiding the peanut butter and celery (that we bought to make egg rolls), Princess being driven to track and field (by an awesome person so I didn't have to lug all the girls!!), and Faith just being herself, walking and getting into everything. Add to that, the 10 year old that I support coming over to make egg rolls with us today.

What am I thinking?

Egg rolls are fun to make and so easy. All you do is cook up some bean sprouts, celery, and green onions, add some meat (chicken strips/pork) and let the kids fill and fold away. It is fun and easy and cool, and really affordable. Last time we made them we ended up with 26 egg rolls for $8.00. Can't go wrong there!!

I have totally fallen off my eating plan. I have resorted back to my old ways and I think the scale is going to reflect that this Tuesday night. I was thinking that I would head out and work out like crazy on Sunday night and Monday too. I need to do something to get moving again, and lose this chocolate and chip (thanks E) weight that I believe I have put on.

I am heading to a match visit with another family on Friday this week. It is with a 4 year old autistic boy. I am excited. I really enjoy working with kids and I seem to get so much more out of my time then they do.

Last week was Princesses birthday, so we took her and the 10 year old out, with our cousin as well and went bowling. They had a blast. It was so fun and I think we are going to be doing it again soon.

I also became an auntie again. I have a new nephew and he is soo cute. He has so much hair and really makes me wish we could plan and have a boy...but there is no way. We will just visit and enjoy him. It was fun to shop for boy clothes again, they have so many cute things now, I don't remember clothes being that cute when Mr H was that small...we have come a long way!

Another fun endeavour that I have taken is planning a Princess Tea Party at our church. We had one many years ago and it was so much fun. The girls had a great time being served and reminded of where we sit as princesses. I am hoping that it all works out well and that we raise enough to buy a playground for the kids and have some leftover for the summers VBS.

I have so many fun ideas, like teapot invitations to advertise to our friends and family, goody bags with special treats in them, a secret guest speaker - whose name won't be divulged until the party and also some door prizes and lots of special treats to eat. I am really excited about this and hope it all turns out.

Anyhow, my update for now. My sister is blogging now and she has posted a really great is proof that things like this don't just happen in my house....which makes me feel good!!

You can read about her adventures at : Get Out Of My Kitchen


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