Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I'm not a punkin'...

Pooky is the best dressed kid in town...actually, I have had some people ask me why on earth I let her go out in the outfits she chooses...

My reply is, one day the world will crush her spirit and uniqueness, and I am not going to be part of that...

The outfit she picked the other day was so cute!! It actually matched and I am thinking that she is finally getting some sense of matching...
Her sister, Princess, made the comment that Pooky picked a really cool punk style outfit. She said "You look like a punk, it is cool"

To which Pooky responded ----



  1. that is so funny! I love that she has her own style!! you got to let her be her!!!

  2. I need to post some pics of C's outfits. She's 3 years older and still doesn't care to match stuff.

  3. she does have a unique style and it should be allowed to shine. what a boring world we'd live in if we all looked the same?! this shows her creativity!!