Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Summer Fun!!

Well, it has definitely been too long. We have been on vacation (yes we actually took a holiday that didn't include a tent, or cooking, or anything like that!!) and now that I am back, I need to get back on board with my blog!!

I have a lot of things to share, but will do them one at a time, so I have lots of things to write about and don't end up wth writers block:-) (good material you know)

First of all, we made it almost through the entire holidays without any injury, but in our lives, that would be too easy, Cutie Pie managed to break her arm this summer....

She had gone out with a friend and was riding her bike. She apparently didn't see the pole in front of her and hit it.

Me, being that AWESOME mom...told her to suck up the pain. There was no swelling, no redness, obviously there was more drama then pain...

We ignored the complaints for 2 days and she went to play at the park. She fell down, on her arm again, and came home screaming...

So, I suggested we go see the dr (more to appease her then for anything real) and apparently the bone was broken.

I saw the x-ray...let me tell you...I am definitely in the running for the mom of the year award!!

I felt so bad and told the dr that I couldn't believe it was actually broken, and she consoled me by saying most parents would not have even brought their kids in. There were no outside signs so really, there must be nothing wrong...

I still felt like crap!!

Anyhow, we went back today to have the arm x-rayed again and it was so cool to see that the new bone is re-growing. How awesome are our bodies!!

The dr suggested we keep the cast on for 1 more week, just to give the new bone some time to strengthen...

So, no swimming for Cutie Pie for one more week...she was sad. I am glad that we actually had it checked out:-)

So, there is the first story of many from this past summer...come back for more!!


  1. I probably would have done the same thing too...not think it was a big deal.