Thursday, October 01, 2009

I don't know what to title this one...

Well, I have been so busy lately, between home and school and work. I am glad to be busy with important things though and I am learning to organize and make life easier with it all.

Home life is actually becoming a lot easier, the kids have really stepped up a notch here and are helping out lots. We actually have a chart and a routine that is working (it has only been a week, but it is working nonetheless). The kids are learning that when they get home from school they have set chores to do before anything else gets done. My goal is to make life less difficult for hubby (and less difficult for me in the morning) and still have things getting done.

The house jobs have split up nicely and with the exception of Pooky (4 years old) everyone is taking on their role and contributing. To make life easier, we also prepared 15 meals ahead of time and froze them. So, on those days that I am unable to have time to think about food, the family is still getting a decent meal (and it didn't feel like a huge task). I like that we can just pull something out and voila supper is there. I have been spending a lot of time studying and doing an assignment and there will be lots of studying going on until the end of this year (then placement starts - no tests!!). I just find that I was not able to fit everything in and have time for myself.

I have also started going to bed sooner. If I miss my shows, then oh well. I have picked up a bad achy cold not sure what exactly it is, but it is no fun and I know I need more sleep to knock it out. So, bed early, proper eating habits, eventually I will figure out how to juggle it all:-)

I have been spoiled the past 14 years, being able to stay home with the kids and not having to go out. I am now seeing what this other lifestyle is like and giving kudos to those families who do this all the time. It is so hard to leave and know that there are still things that need to get done. I am also seeing how fortunate I am to have the husband I do (who gets things done) and to see how great my kids are. They make this so much easier for me to do.

We had our first test last night and our first assignment was due this past Tuesday. I think I did ok on the test. I counted somewhere between 70-75 questions right (I hope) out of 80, so I got at least the minimum mark that I was supposed to get, which is a 70%.

We have now moved onto anatomy and physiology and it is not too bad. I was a bit freaked out at first. We have learned, in 2 classes so far, about cells and tissues, the integumentary system and the lymphatic system. Tonight we cover the respiratory system and the circulatory system. On Saturday we cover the other one (mind blank) and then we have our test on Tuesday. That is just the first half, then we learn the other systems and test the following Tuesday. It is intense, but we get to learn it and then move onto something else (which I think is communication).

I am calm, and I am doing ok. I am not stressing out so much about being back in school and I am looking forward to my first placement which will be in January. I still have to pass the 16 hour standard first aid HCP course (Sat and Sun classes) in 2 weeks, I asked about the test and it is multiple choice for that one. I think I will probably do ok. I am going to pick up the manual ahead of time so I can be a little knowledgeable when I go to the class.

Anyhow, that is what I have been busy with. We moved the computer so I can try to get on more often. I hope to be updating this more then once a week, now that it is more "reachable"!!

I am off to have a bit of a rest, since the baby is sleeping and the others are all at back here later!


  1. Hey Ruth,

    The CPR course and test are pretty easy...I think it may even be open book.