Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick or Treat

The kids had a blast out there last night. As soon as I find my camera cord I will post up some pictures. Faith was a hit, she would blow kisses at everyone who gave her candy!! Now we have to practice our will power (I really mean MY will power) to not eat all of their candies (the chocolates in particular:-)

I am feeling much better, just dealing with the sinus issue and a bit of an occasional cough. I really need to knock it out of me, so I have been home resting for the last 2 days.

Faith turns 2 tomorrow...I can't get over how fast another year has flown by. We have slowed down quite a bit with appointments, for now, but I am anticipating they will pick back up shortly. She will be having some reassessments in the next month and that will determine what we really need to focus on.

But, really, 2 years ago!! I will have to get that post written up...but I was at the ultrasound clinic 2 years ago today, finding out that we were having another girl, a secret we held on to and didn't tell anyone (though we bought a few pink things after that appointment)...

Wow, so many memories of the before the birth and remembering how unknowing we were...unknowing that our lives would forever be changed, unknowing that our families lives would be affected forever, unknowing that we would have to make some huge decisions regarding the life and or death of our baby...

How blissful those days were leading up to her birth...and now 2 years later, how grateful to have experienced and come through all the trials since her birth...wouldn't change any of it for the world!!


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