Monday, January 04, 2010

Monday Mom Spotlight!!

I am going to start trying out a new idea here. I would like to spotlight different mom businesses, it is such a hard thing to juggle, work, family, life etc...I want to be a positive impact in this area and want to encourage others to help support the moms out there!! If you would like to be in this spotlight, please comment and I will contact you for more information.

So, for today's spotlight I would like to introduce

Roslyn Kavanagh is the mom behind these great, innovative products. She saw how much waste she was sending to the landfill in the way of plastic baggies, and decided that she was going to impact our world by starting in her own home. Right now there are 3 products that she created and is selling, with some other ideas in the background right now.

green school™ mini tote:
replaces the need for single use plastic bags and envelopes to hold money, order forms and permission slips for school and other activities.
use it for field trips, pizza day, milk orders, hot lunches, snack days and more.
actual size: 5.5" x 7"

green school™ book tote:
holds and protects school agenda, projects, books and other communications
name bar on front for identification
actual size: 14" x 11"

green school™ pencil tote:
durable, washable and roomy
name bar on the front for easy identification as well as the message, "Save the planet...for me"
actual size: 9" x 5"

I love that her products are organic, eco-friendly, reusable, affordable, washable and trendy looking!
There is a contact form on her website and her email address is listed there too. She is located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
There is a very informative FAQ page here as well. She also has a blog that updated periodically, and there is a newspaper article and another one about her and her products as well.
Feel free to visit Roslyn and support her great endeavour!!


  1. awesome post i love their products wonder if we could go to talize and get fabric and make some of these too

  2. Thanks so very much for the choosing green school for your spotlight! Having the thumbs up from another mom makes a big difference. Cheers!!!