Thursday, January 28, 2010

A night at the hospital....first time since Faith came home:-)

I can't get onto Facebook at the hospital here. Faith spiked another fever as she was being admitted upstairs and they gave her tylenol to keep it down. She has not had another seizure since in the ambulance ride yesterday.

She woke up last night extremely groggy, not able to hold her head up and just not good, that was the ativan effect. Her IV line came out last night...lots of her fighting and moving helped with that, and so at 2am they had to find another vein. After 2 pokes she was hooked back up and good to go. She hasn't peed much, and I know they are watching for that too.

This morning she woke up and is still quite groggy. She has a burst blood vessel in her eye, and her eyes are rolling all around, not straightening out much at all. She is drooling and still just a bit out of it. She has had breakfast, and ate pretty well...she wanted Petes McD's instead though, so she had 2 breakfasts!!

We are waiting now to see the doc, there were xrays done and bloodwork and a catheter urine sample, we don't know what the results are yet. So far, she seems pretty good today and will hopefully be coming home today too...

Anyhow, quick update here, I will keep you updated as we find out more.

Thanks for prayers, and for passing this on...feel free!!


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