Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Out With The Old, In With The New...

Happy New Year!! (A little late, but better then never:-)

Some of us make New Years resolutions and others of us can't be bothered. I fit into the latter category. In the past I have made resolutions only to have them broken. Then I feel like a failure and I get quite down on myself.

This year, I am bound to make NO resolutions...just some welcomed changes. Change is good, and I am preparing myself to go through some major changes in my life this year. At our church we used to do these goal setting sheets each year, and I thought they were a good reflection forward, for what we wanted to happen in our lives.

These sheets covered all the major areas of our lives, spiritual, social, financial, physical, emotional, home life, etc...I loved working through these things and finding out what I was desiring in my life.

I am going to work through some of these here each day this week. I figure it will give me some good content (or maybe really boring;-), but this is where I seem to get most of my work done:-)

Today I am going to look at my home life. What goals do I have? What is going well? What changes do I need to make to reach my new goals?

What is going well?

I think we have become better at organizing our lives. I use a daytimer regularly and now I am lost without it. LOL!! Our kids are learning that living in a slightly larger then average family requires them to take on some bigger roles then kids in other families may not have. I have tried to do little bits each day in the way of housework or cooking (NOT my fortes), with a little bit of success. All around though, we enjoy our family. We enjoy playing games with the kids, or going to movies. We enjoy each other, which is more then some families out there. Our house may not be the cleanest, but we are pretty well rounded in other areas, and I think that is ok.

What goals do I have?

I want our house to be more organized. In a practical way. Everything needs a place and we need to keep up on putting things away. I need to learn that it is ok to not have a lot of jackets for each kid, just in case...God will provide if and when we need another one. I have gotten to this point with clothes, just the jackets keep tripping me up;-) I would love to organize the basement with some special shelving, I really like the workbenches that are meant for garages. I don't necessarily have a garage that needs to be redone, but these workbenches could be used in our basement for so many other things. Rubbermaid also has some pretty cool units and storage solutions. If we had an unlimited amount of money, I would totally redo the basement with some of these items. But, for now we just need to come up with some creative ways to store our things. I also want to spend more time with the family, you can never have enough time. While I do enjoy my time away from them, I enjoy the quality time that we do get even more. My husband and I need to get more time away from the kids. We need to continue building our relationship, something that seems to get lost so easily in the hustle and bustle of having kids.

What changes do I need to make to reach these goals?

To start reaching our goals we need to schedule our time better. We need to make sure that when we commit to going out, or taking our kids out, that we follow through. Finding more free events would be helpful as well, as money isn't always readily available for "fun stuff". We are planning 2 vacations this year, one for the family and one for us. We will probably go camping with the kids, which will cost a bit, and we would actually like to leave the country for our vacation. Maybe Florida, Dominican, Cuba, Mexico? Not sure yet, still researching all the areas. In order to enjoy these times we need to start saving our money and really stick to a budget. We figure altogether we will need $3000-4000...so saving starts now!! For the organizing I would like to look at some different affordable options we have. Can we find any solutions that are free or very cheap? Will they last? We need to research what is out there and be creative with what we have. We also need to pare down on some of the "stuff" that we do have...less "stuff", less storage needed, what do we really need and what can we live without. We will be able to do this after we deal with the other areas that I am going to be working through this week.

Anhyhow, there is a glimpse into my first main goal for this year.

How do you handle New Years and "resolutions" or changes, or goals?


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