Thursday, March 18, 2010

Disney Cruise Contest

So, I have taken an interest in contesting...I am not sure if that is a word or not, but I love entering contests. I recently won a contest on Ana's Chronicles!! It was a box of biscotti and a cookies and bars recipe book. She is having another contest going on right now for a very, very cute honey jar, a recipe book and a veggie should check it out!!

There is another contest that I would LOVE to is through Candian Tire Travel Insurance. All you have to do is go to this "Travel Insurance Quote" Page and ask for a quote. You can automatically be entered into the contest this way.


You can only enter until March 31st. It is one entry per family (which makes the odds really good:-). Oh yeah, the grand prize is a 1 WEEK DISNEY CRUISE!! How awesome would that be??? I could certainly make use of this prize, seeing as we are trying to figure out where to go for our vacation in September!!


  1. ooo...I love contests and would love a cruise. I've never done that before.
    I'll have to send you a link to a local contest page I use.