Friday, March 05, 2010

The Toothless Wonder!!

Pooky had two of her teeth pulled yesterday. After dealing with Cutie Pie and her extractions, I was prepared for the worst.

After yesterdays appointment, I am seriously wondering if Cutie Pie has some kind of anxiety disorder...

Cutie Pie was 6 or 7 when she had her teeth pulled. It took a few of us to hold her down so they could finish the job. At that point I didn't realize that we could have knocked her out...which may have been the better way around it all, but man oh man...I think they could hear her throughout all of our city here.

Fast Forward to yesterday, Pooky is actually excited!! She had an infection in her gums and they had to pull the 2 teeth that were affected by it. She laid in the chair, as though she was being fed grapes, smiling, all the while, they are pulling out her 2 teeth, one and then the other, right away.

She didn't flinch, or cry, or blink or even make a noise. She just laid there calm as could be...

Then she chewed the gauze like it was bubble gum...nowhere near the bleeding (which stopped really quickly). The first thing she said was "Now I can get my 2 dollars!!"

This morning she was so excited to have a toonie...she can't wait to spend it!! The first picture is the best one...because this last picture shows what she asked for for breakfast...can you see it? Yeah, I am a mean mom and said NO WAY!! Her mouth is becoming our biggest asset, we are almost at her limit for the year...darn tight teeth!!


  1. Hi Ruth -- why do you think she has anxiety disorder? Just sounded like she took it all in stride and was fine.

  2. It was her older sister who had a hard time. Pooky is 4 and had no problems, Cutie Pie was 7 and became so worried and freaked out about the situation...Cutie pie also worries about things weeks before they are going to happen...I don't know if it is really a disorder, but has me thinking...

  3. Li has tight teeth too... he's had a few fillings so far. We're flossing and brushing and swishing that blue mouth wash stuff.... praying for the 2nd set to grow in fine with no issues now!