Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yo Tweeps - From Supahmom!!


To play along and increase your twitter twaffic do the following:

1. Click on my twitter Icon above. Follow me first of all!

2. MAKE A BLOG POST LIKE I am doing. Copy and Paste these directions.

3. Grab the YO Tweeps Twaffic Exchange Button. Put him in your post.

(He's so cute. Put him on your sidebar too if you're that kinda girl. )

5. Put a twitter icon / link on your blog post like I did. It should directly link to your TWITTER PROFILE.

6. Now link up your post below!

7. Visit some other #YOTweeps linkers on the list.

8. Follow them if you choose and shout out to them on twitter that you are following so they can instantly follow you if they're on. (Follow their blog as well if you're interested.)


  1. -->Now following you from @debthaxton.


  2. Thanks for playing YoTweeps with us!

    Oh, and tell your little princess I'm not sharing my tiara with her! I don't care if she's all young and adorable!!


    It sucks getting old.....


  3. I'm following @ljcooney3. What a fun idea this is.