Monday, May 03, 2010

First Day of Preschool - Last time!!

Faith enjoyed her first day of preschool today...this is her and her BFF T!! They have been friends for almost 2 years!! We were shocked when we realized this today!

Time sure does fly:-)

Faith is obsessed with this has space for 4 kids! She loves to play with the buckles and it is a great deterrent while waiting for the doors to open;-)

Faith has her own little cubby and hook for her backpack and jacket. She hardly sat still long enough for me to take the pic...the bar is just way too fun to climb over and under!!

Almost time to go into the room!!

One of Faiths favourite play areas is the kitchen, but when she is not in there, she is playing with her reflection in the 2-way mirror!! You can barely see her, but she is there, kneeled over looking into the mirror:-) The first time I kinda freaked, thinking she could see us!!

This is what I get to enjoy after preschool...a whole afternoon of napping!!

This is a lot of fun for her. She is loving the pec symbol number lines. They are attached to a piece of velcro that is attached to a pic on the wall...I am going to make one here for her to learn letters and numbers and maybe even the toilet!! They use pec symbols for most activities to help with the kids transitions, I am glad about that, I wanted to start getting Faith used to them.

It was funny, cause on her first day, last was just half the class (her, her BFF and another little girl) I got so excited for T...he picked up the bubbles and actually blew a bubble!! It was so exciting to see him accomplish that...blowing bubbles is really hard to do.

And Faith sits on the toilet everyday before snack. She hasn't peed yet, but she is actually sitting!! The therapists follow them while they are playing...the kids don't even notice:-) I had mentioned to Faith physiotherapist that I was a bit concerned about her left leg. She seems to be tripping a lot and it doesn't really keep up with the rest of her that will be watched closely now too. It is nice that Faith can get this kind of care...and for free too!!

So thankful for the country we live in and for how blessed our family has been with these amazing services! I think this is going to be a good start to her learning!!


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