Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Travel Tuesday...My Day To Dream:-)

First of all...you know you had a pair of glasses like this in 1988 too..so no teasing;-)

My first ever trip (aside from the across Canada trip we took with the family when I was 7) was to Mexico. My grandparents were missionaries at a local Mexican orphanage and they would take their grandkids at a certain age, to visit and see what they did.

It was a lot of fun and so many amazing memories of my grandparents transpired from that trip. We stayed in Texas at that point and drove into Mexico. We did stay a few nights at a little hotel (where the lizards climbed the walls freely) and I got to experience a very dynamic culture, first hand.

This is me at 15 (could be 14-16 though). I was able to take an amazing trip and visit my aunt and uncle in Barbados. It was a trip with monkeys in the backyard and again, the vibrant island culture (and the beaches and caves:-)

I have had the travelling bug ever since.

The next trip I took was an open ended, 30 day bus ticket on the Greyhound for anywhere in Canada. I have pics, but they have not been scanned yet...back in the day when digital was futuristic;-) I had written out my itinerary and as I was going, as a 17 year old, I changed those plans up. Didn't feel that I wanted to stay long anywhere, and just kept moving. It was a blast, I met some amazing people (including my hubby) and have many fond memories.

I can't wait to travel again. Hubby and I are talking about getting our passports ready for when we take our much needed holiday. Since we have been married (I believe I said this in my last post) we have not spent a week away from kids...so this is anticipated greatly!!

Our son is taking over my travel bug and has already been to Guyana, and now he is saving to go this summer to Romania. Hopefully he remembers not to play with any stray cats (and we are going to be sure to get him his medical travel insurance and allergy medicine, just in case the cuteness factor overtakes him;-)
My husband and I are living vicariously through him and it is making us really look forward to this upcoming vacation that we have planned.

Just the 2 of us, and an unknown location. Who says that married couples with kids can't be spontaneous? Well, we are starting to save some money now for this trip and will be heading wherever that amount will take us.
I am loving Travelzoo, it is a great site with amazing travel deals. So far, we are thinking it will probably be Cuba, which I am ok with. The farthest we have ever gone, since we were married, is Nova Scotia (and Dawson Creek, BC before we were married) so something in the middle of an ocean would be nice...no matter what:-)
Anyhow, that bug is itching and it is time to go...I don't know if I will be able to wait this long though. September seems soooo far away!!


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