Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Yeah, I am pretty blank. I have too much going on right now and something had to online stuff has not happened for a long time!! I have 3 days left of placement, my last day on the 15th, then it is jut preschool runs with Faith until the middle of July.

We have also been fundraising for Mr. H to go to Romania this summer and I am now heading up Sunday school and VBS!! I am actually really excited to be back in this role! I never thought that I would want to be back there, but God has laid it on my heart again and whether this is for a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime, I am glad to be here again!

I also start my first shift this weekend with the home care agency I applied at. That crept up on me really fast!! It is just 1 hour on Saturday and Sunday, so it is a slow start. In 2 weekends I do 8 hours, 3 on Sat and 5 on Sunday. I am looking forward to seeing if this is something I would like to do or not.

I had an interview at my placement, for a relief position. With the summer coming up, they are going to need some more relief workers, and I would love to work there. I think the interview went well and I have 2 of my 3 references done. I have to phone the recruitment lady today, she left a message yesterday for me. This is going fast:-) But I am glad, it is a Christian agency and I have really been able to connect with the individuals and I think I work well with the staff too:-)

Lots of changes happening in my life and I am happy about them all!! It is nice to be entering this new area for me:-)

Gotta run is preschool morning for both the girls...Have a great day!


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