Tuesday, September 28, 2010

...and she's a swimmer!!

We got Faith signed up for swimming lessons yesterday.  Daddy took her this time, I had to do some work, but we will probably both go next week to get some pics.  Apparently she is the oldest in her class, it is a parent-tot swim class.  We wanted her to start at this point and get used to having a teacher and stuff...but for the next session she could go ON HER OWN!!

We are at that point now in her life...where she is going to start doing things solo...I am not sure how I feel about this.  I am ecstatic that she will be able to do things on her own, she will learn responsibility and consequences too, but I am quite nervous about her, specifically in the pool, on her own...

Maybe I have no reason to be worried, she is a strong swimmer, but the pools don't allow water wings...I will be contacting the city about having someone go with her to swim lessons...or look at doing one on one lessons with just her and the teacher. 

She will need some extra supervision - because of both the epilepsy and the lack of inhibition...you know, she will jump first and be scared later!!

Anyhow, we had the procupine meatballs for supper last night, with baked potato and veggies.  I went an entire day without an iced capp, and I walked the girls to school yesterday.

Today we are having salisbury steak for dinner, and it is raining, but if I can walk to pick the girls up this afternoon, I will.  I don't plan on having an iced capp today either...I am really not missing them.

Faith went to sleep last night with only about 10 minutes of crying...this Ferber method is kinda working.  On Monday night she stayed in her room the whole night.  Last night she ended up in bed with us at some point.  At this point we are just focussing on the going to sleep part...the sleeping through the night will come in time, I believe.

We still need to reschedule the sleep study appointment...it will be interesting to see how that goes, she is going to want to sleep with me and now that we have broken that we will have to follow it when  we are there too...

Anyhow, today is preschool and horseback riding - so I am fairly busy until suppertime.  I hope you all have a great day!


  1. there are lots of YAY's to say for this post!!

    YAY for no ice capps
    YAY for solo swimming lessons
    YAY for sleeping so quickly

    YAY!! all around :)