Friday, October 08, 2010

Day 12 and Day 1 all together now:-)

So, today is day 12 from the time I said I was giving up iced capps and was going to start walking more.

Yesterday I had my first iced capp since day 1.  I made it 11 days and I had it more out of the need to see what I thought.  Would I start craving them, am I really over the whole fad...I did the same thing with smoking.  I gave it up for a year or so and then had a cigarette and thought it was disgusting!!  I never smoked again.

You know what?  I have no craving to have another one today.  I didn't finish the whole thing yesterday, and I kinda felt crummy afterwards.  I think I am over them.  I am not saying that I am never going to have another will just be very occasional...

I could do better with the walking, I have been trying to get out there, and I guess with my work and stuff I do get some walking in.  I think I need a pedometer to keep track of all my steps, because I don't realize how much I actually move.  I will also be able to try to beat the number of steps from previous days and have little goals to meet too.  It would be helpful.

Today is day 1 for working out on the Wii...I have decided that I am going to spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day (except Sat and Sun) using the Wii Fit Plus and the Biggest Loser games.  I did 45 minutes today and was exhausted!!  It really does work you out.

I have a goal.  I am going to share the blunt facts with all my devoted readers:-)

Starting weight - 226 - October 8, 2010
Goal weight - 180 - March 31, 2011

That is just under 2 pounds a week.  A very reasonable goal.  It is reachable. 

Why March you may be asking?


Me and my hubby have been wanting to do this trip for a while now, without any kids.  We have owed my parents quite a bit of money and have been working to get that paid off.  I just didn't feel right going on a vacation, enjoying myself, having people watching my kids (parents included) and knowing that I am spending all this money that I could be using to pay them back. 

So...we have been blessed with the right amount of money to be able to pay off outstanding debts to them (we still have other debts, but they are under control), and have enough left over to take this trip.  It is already in a forced savings account, so it is really going to happen!!

We will be celebrating our 16th year of marriage on a warm island, on a beach, with drinks in hand.  No worries, no kids, just learning to enjoy each other again.  Families are only as strong as their leaders are:-)

So, my goal to lose approximately 2 pounds a week will have me a little lighter for our trip.  Not that it really matters, I just need a feasible goal:-) 

Day 12 and Day 1...Follow me on my journey!!

Before Picture - I love the picture, I just don't like my size...I think this one shows where I am really at...


  1. My reality? 210 lbs and working on getting back to 180 lbs for my first goal. Thank you for your openness and blunt honesty. EA Sports Active on Wii kicked my butt for a while before I gave up. It's been a few months, but after reading your post I am going to make a real effort to have another day 1 for myself tomorrow.

  2. remember I owe you a shopping trip when you reach the goal of below 200! a bunch of new outfits would go lovely on a beach!! a bikini or two... a nighty or two:)

  3. Exciting!
    The trip will be fun. No flat tire though. ;-)