Monday, October 25, 2010

Disappointed In Myself...Good Thing Tomorrow is a New Day

I have been doing so good at making the right choices in food and drinks over the past month.  I have stayed away from certain fast food (burgers, fries etc...) and have made better choices (like salads, wraps etc...).

I have not had pop in over 2 weeks now and have only had 3 iced capps in the last month.

I have worked out regularly on the Wii just missed a few days this past weekend.

I haven't really lost any weight but I am feeling good about myself and the fact that I have stuck with my goals for a long time now (well, long for me).

Yesterday I had an intervention for my friend when she tried to drink a pop beside me in the van.  She (my BFF) is doing this with me and I just couldn't let her have that would just ruin it all.  She listened and chose a bottle of water instead.  I was so proud of her!!

Then, late last night, I was hungry.  I hadn't really had supper and my hubby and I decided to have some fast food.  First time in a long time.  He brought me home a southwest chicken sandwich, fries and a root beer, and a bacon cheeseburger...

I pigged out...I ate the burgers and the fries and then went to sleep.  That is soooo bad!!  I hate that I couldn't just wait, or have a fruit instead.

I did say no to the pop though, I am proud of myself for that.

This step back really affected me today.  I didn't even feel like going out at all today.  I stayed inside and just chilled with Faith.  I need to be careful not to let the disappointment of the step back affect me so bad that I can't get out of the hole. 

I seem to have an easy time falling into the depression trap.  This time I am not going to let myself get there.  Tomorrow is a brand new day.  I will wake up and start all over again.  I will make the right choices and feel good about them tomorrow.  The past is gone and cannot be undone, but I can learn from yesterday and remember how I felt today and choose not to do it again.


  1. You inspire me so much with your honesty. You are not the only one who breaks or messses up sometimes. Last night I drank three cans of orange pops. Haven't even had one for ages and then couldn't stop and ended up having three. Felt so disgusted with myself that I then ate more junk food. Woke up feeling like crap today and am going to try and start again tomorrow. Everyone messes up. You are not alone. =)