Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Memory - Sundays

Growing up I loved Sundays. 

I grew up in a Christian home and have been attending church since I was born.  Sundays were such a fun day for me, because that was the day I got to see my friends.  I had friends at school, but there was something different about the friends at church that made it exciting.

We would wake up in the morning and the gospel music was playing on our 8 track.  I am not that old remember, it was just what we listened to at that point.  I grew up hearing and appreciating the hymns, and the acapella singers, the deep voices and the 4 part harmonies.

We would have our breakfast and then head out.  At church we would join in the service and then we were dismissed for Sunday school. 

My friends and I would devise these plans to go to each others houses for lunch.  This is back in the day when we went to church both Sunday morning and Sunday night.  Having friends over was easy that way;-)

Our house was known among my friends as the mashed potato house.  They always knew that if they came to our house we would have roast and veggies and mashed potatoes for lunch.  The roast would be cooking in the oven during the service and we would come home to a perfectly cooked roast and the smell of lunch wafting in the air:-)

I believe one time the roast actually caught fire.  I don't think the timed cooking was done after that. 

We would do funny things with our mashed potatoes.  You know, make volcanoes and put the margarine in the hole.  Then we would close up the hold and poke the fork all around the edges...LOL!!  Playing with food made it taste so much better.

It was a great time in my life.  I look at what we do now that we are parents and I see some of the same things happening here.  The kids all conspire together to see who can go to whose house, but we don't do a roast each week.  We still laze around the way we used to, but I think there are some things that I would like to bring into my kids lives on Sundays, so they can have some special memories.

I think that because of the 8 track gospel music instilled a love of music, no matter the genre.  My kids always bug me when I have the Christian station on and it is the old time music.  They call it a frog know, the really deep voices.  I can't help but tap my feet when that comes on.  I want my kids to enjoy music, no matter the type, any music that glorifies God should be enjoyed. 

It is neat to see how our past experiences, even from early childhood, can shape our lives and our character.  I am glad for my family, my upbringing, my parents.  I am thankful that I learned what an 8 track was, and also to enjoy music, no matter what. 

I love that I have these amazing memories.  I am striving to make some memories and character with my kids.  I want them to know that life is not just their little area or the one type of music they is made up of all kinds of people, who like all different kinds of things...and I want my kids to appreciate everyones uniqueness...

Um, ok...this isn't where I thought I was going with this post...kind of random.  Anyways, I love Sundays, a day of rest and a day to make memories. 

This is a memory about Sundays before I was a Sunday memory?  Watch for the update;-)
What memories do you have of Sundays? 


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