Monday, November 29, 2010

Letter from Kindergarten

Pooky, 5 years old, was switched to the new kindergarten class this year.  There were 4 classes to start with and too many kids altogether, so they created a new room.  The teacher was transferred from another school and is quite experienced in the classroom. 

We had parent teacher meetings a few weeks ago and it was nice to learn how she runs her classroom.  I wasn't sure about it when she described it...she said that it was open concept and the kids learn through play.  I did an observation in the class to see how Pooky was doing and I loved the class for her. 

The kids were all playing, they would travel between the various centres: writing, reading, house, painting, playdough, chalkboard, puzzles etc...and everyone got along.  The kids were all responsible for what they chose to do.  There were some girls painting and when they finished their picture, they brought it over to the shelf and found their name to put their picture on.

It was actually really cool to see how the kids listened, learned and practiced getting in the real world!!  This was a perfect fit for Pooky.  We frequently get these little letters home from her teacher and they are really cute.  Here is the latest on below.

Dear Parents,

Sometimes teachers feel like the woman who lived in the shoe,
We have so many children, we don't know what to do!

New winter clothes have buttons and zippers and ties;
So many to fasten, oh how the time flies!

Snowpants, boots, coats, scarves and hats;
We know that mittens must come last!

Please spend a moment or two tonight,
Showing your child how to put things on right.

Then we'll send them out ready, set, go;
All bundled up warm for the snow!

A great big "THANKS!" comes back to you,
From happy teachers with students who know what to do!

To help your child along,
Try singing this little song:

(to the tune of Head and Shoulers)
Snowpants, boots, coats, scarf and hat,
Scarf and hat,
Scarf and hat

Snowpants, boots, coats, scarf and hat,
Your mittens come last
Your mittens come last.

Because we can't do up our zipper unless your mittens come last!
So, it doesn't really fit the whole tune of the song, but I like that these kinds of notes come home:-)  This teacher is amazing.  I like that the kids are going to know how to be productively independent when they head into grade 1. 

And that is just that - Pooky will be in grade 1 soon...I can't believe how fast time flies!!


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