Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting Excited About Preschool!!

I did have this posted yesterday, from my blackberry, and for some reason it went into another blog I have for testing templates!!  Anyhow, here it is:-)

I am finally getting excited about preschool. It was hard to find a worker for Faith, seeing as it is partway through the preschool year,but one of my friends was able to fill the role.

I am so glad that she did. She is a wealth of knowledge and ideas and has had the opportunity to observe Faith in action.

She has some great goals that I think are really going to prepare Faith for the Junior Kindergarten transition (that is coming up sooner then you can imagine!!) And help to equip her to succeed.

I am excited because most of what our worker has noticed is the same as what I have seen and we totally agree with the strategies and how to help Faith reach her goals:-)

My lightbulb moment today was to get Faith her own iPod touch. It would be used as a communication tool for her. There is this great app we have found that we will purchase to use.

It is a program that lays out schedules, first/then charts, social stories and pec symbols. It has a countdown timer and the ability to incorporate pictures of your child within the program!

I am thrilled that things are really starting to turn a corner for Faith. It gives me hope for her future:-)


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