Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random Conversations at Our House Tonight...

Grace: I told the teacher you were a garbage man, she asked if you can get us 51 meters of cardboard for the castle we are building (medieval unit)

Grace: In the middle ages there was something called "Black Death".  That was when they didn't have garbage men and they just threw their garbage wherever.  It would become poison and the people would die.

Grace: In the middle ages if you were poor you didn't see the dr.  You would just die instead, if you were sick.

Keri: In the middle ages, if you had a headache, they would use a hammer and tool and bang a hole in your forehead.

Keri: In the middle ages, if they thought you commited a crime, they would tie a brick around your feet, throw you in the water and if you could swim to the top you were innocent; or they would put hot rocks on your hands and if they didn't burn you were innocent etc...

Keri: Hey Grace, dad is middle aged:-)

Hysterical laughter from everyone but dad!!!


  1. Thhats funny!! You should apply for a reality tv show series!!

  2. Hahahah! Thanks for the smile. :D

  3. This is totally how our dinner conversations went growing up! Haha...good memories!! Thanks :)