Sunday, January 16, 2011

Top 20 Sites That Referred Traffic to My Blog in 2010

This is actually the top 20 in the past 3 months.  I bought my domain from blogger about 3 months ago and had to switch the analytics over. 

So, Stacie, over at Simply Stacie, did her top 20 post and while I am nowhere near the number of followers she is, I thought it would be neat to try it out.  So, here is my list:-)

1. (direct) 999
2. Facebook 543
3. Blogger 374
4. Online-Sweepstakes 237
5. Google 163
6. Networked Blogs 142
7. Cheri Mon Cheri 140 
8. 5 Minutes For Mom 87
9. Stumbleupon 85
10. Twitter 84 
11. Taras View of the World 73
12. Insight to Lala's World 71
13. Simply Stacie 69
14. Google Spreadsheets 56 
15. l 51
16. She Told Me 35
17. a long way from the Theta house 30
18. Thursday 13 28
19. 23
20. Google 22

Interesting anyways...I do some online work and that is where a number of the links have come from.  It is neat to see that there are a few of my friends sites here that I wasn't expecting to be here and Stacie is here too!! I had a few other friends just past the 20 mark too. 

I think this is something I will have to keep watching, it is kind of neat:-)  If you blog you should definitely have analytics and keep track of who stops by!!


  1. Interesting to see that Facebook is the top of your list too! Thanks for joining and it was a nice surprise to see me up there!!

  2. I did it on a whim, I only got 10 but it's interesting to see facebook at the top of our lists! I really was quite surprised at some of the results. It also helps to show you what's paying off and what isn't :)

  3. It is neat to see that some things work better then other. Shairbearg - I thought I only had 10 but Tara showed me on the bottom right you can ask for it to show you 10, 25, 50 etc...
    Thanks for popping by!!

  4. awesome Ruth :)

    It's pretty neat to see where all the traffic comes from isn't it?!?

    I should do mine too!!!


  5. Surprised I am on there. :-)

  6. what number was i?! :( waaaahhhhh I didn't make the list! I'm so gonna make it next year 'cause you know me.... don't answer that! you know me too well! :)