Friday, January 14, 2011

Update on Kitchen Challenge

It hasn't happened...shocking I know!  I just can't bring myself to start the kitchen, it kind of overwhelms me to look at it and then I don't know where to start.  So, instead, I decided to focus on a laundry solution.

That is the only reasonable thing to do when avoiding one job, right?

Anyhow, I had read over on I'm A Lazy Mom and read this lazy mom tip and it got me to thinking.  We really need to implement this sock idea in our house...I think every house should have this plan, it just makes sense!  So, each of my kids will be able to take care of their own socks!!  YAY!!  No more socks in the living room, or hunting around at the last minute for a pair that fits...forget about matching.

I had the bright idea to continue on and come up with another way to make life lazier...

I work in a group home setting and I love how the house is run.  Our house also supports a few people that live on their own but just need a little bit of help.  So, I got to do the apartment shift last week and this morning it finally hit me.  When I went there, one of the jobs is to make sure that there were appropriate outfits picked for the following week.  Each outfit was placed neatly in one of those hanging cubby things.  It was genious!!

I hadn't thought about using that idea in my own home until this morning.  I woke up after dreaming about this cubby thing for my kids...yeah, I dreamt about organizing!!  I don't know what is going on with me!!

Anyhow, I headed out to the store today and bought the plastic drawer units.  One of the stores here had the 5 drawer one on sale for $20 so I bought 3.  The 2 older kids are fine with their clothes, they don't need any help...I also bought the mesh bags that the Lazy Mom talked about in the link above.

So, the girls will pick their outfits for every school day next week.  Each drawer will have a pair of pants, a shirt, a sweater, socks and underwear.  We will no longer have to make sure they have a clean outfit the night before, or fight in the morning about what they have on.  It will take so much stress out of our daily routine and I like that plan!!  We are going to label each of the drawers so they know which one is for Monday, Tuesday etc...

The mesh bags will be the responsibility of each child.  They will have their name on their bag and when it is their laundry day, then they will zip up the bag and throw it in the machine.  Then the bag goes back to their room, with their laundry and I never have to fold everyones laundry again!!  Just the little ones:-) 

I will let you know how it is all working after the first week.

That makes me happy:-)

Maybe I will deal with the kitchen next week...yeah, right...something else will come up;-)


  1. I have laundry issues too. I often dream about a house that is built with specifics to make a mom's job easier. One of those ideas is to have a central laundry room. Picture a wheel with the laundry room as the hub and the bedrooms built around the laundry room. Each room would have a closet that opens in the front (like an ordinary closet). BUT the back of each closet would open into the laundry room. Then as you fold, you can access the closet from the laundry room and take out the middle step of putting in baskets, distributing to rooms etc.. I also decided long ago that we would buy all the same socks for each kid.We buy plain white ones (and the OCCASIONAL fancier ones). I like Hanes socks because they made socks with a mom in mind! Each size has a different stripe at the toe. Easy to match up!

  2. Rock on! I hope you have liberated yourself from the evil terror of socks and are enjoying your new laundry life. The sock tip changed my life forever. Amen.

    The Lazy Mom wuz here.